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Even such a \"national treasure weight\" is not too much of the cultural relics, has been reduced to waste station and broken iron, taste the erosion of the sun and moon, even almost back to the furnace cast copper.


In june of that year, baji county jia village village villager chen dui family old house cannot live, rented next door chen xiaoshan two houses, the courtyard behind is a 3 meters high earthy cliff. On a rainy morning in august that year, chen's backyard cliff collapsed, and chen found that there seemed to be a bright light on the cliff, so he and his wife, zhang guilan, and a small pickaxe planed, resulting in the collapse of a strange bronze on the cliff, the couple do not understand cultural relics identification, they temporarily put it on the attic grain.


The following year, Chen Dui and his wife will go to the field for some reason, leaving the bronzeware to brother Chen Hu custody. In 1965, because of life difficulties, chen sold his brother's bronze ware to a scrap purchase station. The master of the scrap purchase station did not understand the cultural relics, then the iron keloid and other scrap iron stored together, ready to send to the smelter. As a result, the unacknowledged \"national treasure\" almost with the scrap iron furnace melting.


God bless china, a month later, in september 1965, a cadre of the baoji city museum named tong tai-leung saw the bronze in a scrap station, feel a certain value, report to the leadership, the museum for a further 30 yuan to buy the bronze. Archaeologists initially identified it as a bronze wine ware in the early western zhou, with a height of centimeters, a caliber of centimeters and a weight of kilograms. The relief on it was called a \"taotie \".


Time flies, in 1975, to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, the State Administration of Cultural Relics will hold in Japan, China unearthed cultural relics boutique exhibition, then the Shanghai Museum curator, famous bronze expert Mr. Ma Chengyuan to Beijing to organize preparations. After examination, Ma Chengyuan quickly from all over the country to mobilize 100 first-class cultural relics, including Baoji unearthed this gluttonous grain of copper.


Ma Chengyuan only heard in the past but did not see this bronze Zun, after seeing the object, repeatedly looked at it several times, the heart has been wondering, why such a large object has no inscription? Then he rubbed his hand on the inner wall and the bottom of the bronze, and suddenly he felt something written somewhere at the bottom. He was so excited that he was sent to remove rust.


After removing dirt and rust, a long inscription was found at the bottom of the bronze. Ma Chengyuan extremely happy, immediately made rubbings, after research, the inscription has 122 words. These 122 words reveal a passage from 3,000 years ago:


In april of five years, the king of zhou became king of zhou. A king of zhou, called \"he \", received the new king's instruction and reward in the newly-built loyi. \"How\" with the reward, cast this bronze honor, recorded this great honor. One of them is \"I want to live in the center of the world \". This is the first time that the word \"China\" has appeared on an object as a phrase.


In 1998, baoji bronze museum opened, ma chengyuan invited. During a visit to the new baoji bronze museum, when the commentator introduced \"he zun is the treasure of the town hall \", he immediately pointed out:\" it should be the treasure of the town state, not just your town hall.\"


In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics, in January 2002, the State Administration of Cultural Relics issued the First Catalogue of Cultural Relics Prohibited from Going Abroad, which stipulated that 64 national treasures would not be allowed to go abroad for exhibition since then.


To this day,\" he zun \"remains in the baoji bronze museum for visitors to see. The value of the city, such as thousands of Jun, the world's attention, the Chinese should remember a country's weight!